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Registration and payment allowed benefits such as unlimited download speed, immediate download instead of experiencing a waiting period , download of several files simultaneously, queue skipping, the facility to interrupt and restart downloads, uploading, downloading bigger files up to 2 GB and to store up to 50 GB of data for an unlimited period. Until 1 July , RapidShare operated an incentive program that rewarded uploaders with "RapidPoints" according to the number of times those files were downloaded by others; the points were redeemable for premium RapidShare subscriptions.

RapidShare discontinued the program to avoid the impression it rewarded its users for uploading copyrighted material.

RapidWeaver 8.3

Downloads by people without a current premium account subscription were subject to restrictions such as an enforced wait of several minutes between downloads. The length of the wait varied over the years, from 15 minutes to over 2. This software allowed queuing of uploads.


However, it could not resume interrupted uploads. It was available for Windows and ran without installation. This software had many more features than the Uploader, especially queuing and resuming the upload as well as the downloads. The version linked on the site worked with Windows Vista and 7 , Mac , and Linux.

RapidShare did not restrict automatic downloads to their downloader, however, they did not provide technical support to third-party downloaders as they did for RapidShare Manager.

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RapidShare started to check newly uploaded files against a database of files already reported as illegal. By comparing the files' MD5-hash the site would now prevent illegal files from being reuploaded. While this would be sufficient under United States law, it was later established in court that under German law it is not. That decision forced RapidShare to check all the uploaded files before publishing them.

In April , RapidShare handed over to major record labels the personal details of uploaders who uploaded copyright-protected files. A month later, RapidShare stated on their website: "we will not spy out the files that our clients faithfully upload onto RapidShare, not now nor in future. We are against upload control and guarantee you that your files are safe with us and will not be opened by anyone else than yourself, unless you distribute the download link.

The judgment handed down by a German court in Hamburg on 10 February , and effective on 17 February , ordered RapidShare to implement measures to prevent illegal file sharing of the copyright-protected works cited in the lawsuit, which was filed on 4 February The court ruled that RapidShare must monitor its site to ensure the copyrighted material is not being uploaded and prevent unauthorized access to the material by its users.

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The company will be subject to substantial fines for non-compliance. The US government's congressional international anti-piracy caucus stated that the site was "overwhelmingly used for the global exchange of illegal movies, music and other copyrighted works". The court also indicated that a file hoster is not obliged to use a word filter as this would also prevent legal copying for private use.

It concluded that the plaintiff's suggestions for preventing sharing of copyrighted material were "unreasonable or pointless". In December , in response to the congressional international anti-piracy caucus' press release and the German court ruling, RapidShare enlisted the services of Dutko Worldwide to lobby its interests in the United States Congress.

In March , the Hamburg higher regional court upheld three earlier decisions that the file hoster could be held liable for publication of copyright protected material by third parties. In September , a criminal trial of three Rapidshare managers for commercial assistance to copyright violation is to take place in Zug , Switzerland, where Rapidshare remains incorporated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

RapidMiner Studio runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs

Online file hosting service. Instagram Downloader Free appliaction to download Instagram images. DeepVacuum A download utility for your Mac. HackStore An AppStore alternative for developers.

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BioShock Infinite. Your review for Tucan Manager -. I search and download very quickly right from the app window. Solid stuff, thats a great product right there. And I'm looking forward to using the PRO version. I can't wait to experience that. Thank you! Your browser does not support the video tag. Powerful Torrent Client for Mac The app downloads torrent files as well as creates new torrents for various trackers.

Tagging feature makes search through downloaded content quicker and easier. Folx allows you to prioritize your download tasks and control download and upload speeds according to your needs. Magnet links Apart from downloading files from torrent trackers Folx enables you to download using magnet links. The latter means you do not have to save a separate file before starting the actual download, which is convenient.

It also allows you not to advertise the fact that you are using P2P technology. Folx Downloader Features. If you come across something you want to download on the web, Folx can automatically catch the downloads or it can catch only the specific types of files for downloading. Folx also features a browser extension, which has the options to download all, download selected, and download with Folx.

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  • FreeRapid Downloader - Welcome.

The supported browsers are: Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome. Proxy servers can be used for various purposes. Browsing through proxy offers anonymity, allows you to download content that might not be available through your IP address, and also allows managing the Internet traffic in corporate networks by dividing the traffic flow between direct and proxy channels. Note that only regular downloads not torrents can be performed through Proxy with Folx.

Every download can be split in multiple up to 20 threads. Thanks to multiple simultaneous connections fetching the same file in chunks the downloading process can take way less time than it would otherwise. To obtain the most optimal traffic allocation, you can either adjust the download speed manually or simply allow Folx control the bandwidth automatically.

This way other apps that need to be online won't suffer. You can choose the most suitable time for starting the download and set up how Folx will behave upon finishing the download: shut down the system, switch to sleeping mode, or simply quit download manager Mac app. You can instruct Folx to send all downloaded music and videos to iTunes automatically.

Automatic Rapidshare Downloads

The content will be allocated in accordingly named playlists depending on what tags you assigned to each download. When starting new downloads from websites requiring authentication, you can ask Folx to remember login and password. Free version of Folx lets you save two entries. Websites requiring web authentication are also supported. Download videos from the web with Folx with the possibility to set the format for the downloaded video.

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