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I even tried to create another account with Administrator privileges and that hanged when attempting to log in. Is there any other way to be compensated? Hi Terrance, Microsoft said that we can upgrade from the release preview to Windows 8 Pro. In case you reinstall Windows 7, you will have to do all the updates again. Thank you. It is just I am not sure if the Preview release is corrupted and I guess I will update to the purchased copy, but that would just require entering the product key, right to get this official. I have had bad history with Windows in the past and thus why I was so cautious.

I kind of feel this Windows 8 could work out for me and who knows I might try to secure another copy. I say this for one reason, the bluetooth connection link to my stereo headset headphones worked immediately whereas with Windows 7 on boot camp there was a struggle with Broadcom drivers. That alone is worth me keeping Windows 8 for Macbook. Thank you for pointing me to the Preview so I could convince myself to keep Windows 8. Now I probably should have just opened the package from the start and I would not have had been blocked by a corrupt or incomplete download. The weekend is here. I still have not opened the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade package.

I was trying to repair the Preview one with the Windows updates and getting error codes.

Before you begin

I did something for Update Regeneration look online. I got the Update to stop hanging at least after I executed some steps to reset everything. I am still getting some error codes in the update steps and maybe this is a restriction put out by Microsoft for this Preview version and it wants me to finally commit to using the official disk. I am close to it.

Update: I got the trackpad going with the bottom right click. I had to run another Boot camp list of drivers the multitouch track pad one as I had only excecuted the trackpad installer and had to go in the Devices and settings to update the driver in the hardware list I found online. Overall , minus the issue with the Windows Update possibly being corrupt, I think Window 8 is working fine on the MacBook. I was able to remain connected using wireless connection for a while until I got tired of the update issues.

I just think I may need to do another clean install and make sure my downloads are not corrupt transferring over the internet and that the machine does not freeze in the middle of one and an update. All else seems fine.

Install Windows 8 on MacBook with BootCamp

I have a pretty reliable internet connection with Comcast, but I think if I do this again, I will go to my alma mater Illinois Institute of Technology and get wired ethernet there for a better and faster internet connection. Or I could choose some other academic setting. I am sorry for my comments: I made a mistake.

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I was laid off from Telelogic which was consulting for Motorola… I left out Telelogic for some reason as I was laid off that one within 9 months and with no assistance to return to a job left or to find alternate work within the company. Now Telelogic is a part of IBM which recently, after some major struggle, sent me my employment records archived as Telelogic no longer exists.

ISO file but was there to verify the download was complete and not corrupt , he was able to successfully install the upgrade. The only issue was the trackpad did not work and he used my flash drive with the TrackPad drivers to fix that.

Boot Camp (software)

What was left was whether he got the bottom right click to work as it was nearing his parental curfew and we had to rap things up as we had accomplished a lot to get things going for him. So I will be in touch with my 2nd cousin to see if he experiences the same issues with the error codes I am seeing after the downloaded upgrades. If he experiences the same issue, there is no need start all over, even though I may do so anyway.

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If he does not see any errors then it means that I was just unfortunate to experience a computer freeze as an update was being applied and I will start from scratch. Overall Windows 8 has been quite good apart from not being able to perform this last update. It works well with the Macbook and did not crash. I was on for 6 hours until a proper shutdown.

Although I still see some quirkiness like in Windows 7, I give thumbs up to Windows 8 Pro on Macbook based on the ease of linking 2 of my stereo Bluetooth headsets that I had more difficulty in Windows 7 on the Macbook only. Well I guess there is no more to do.

Part 2. How to Create A Bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB on Mac without Bootcamp

I am happy with it so far. Those issues are minor and I am using Windows 8 more as it is not freezing the computer anymore. I still have not opened the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade as I decide which computer to put it on and I will wait until the Preview expires before I make the next move on the Mac. Do you have this problem on Mac? About that brightness issue. I decided to reapply the boot camp drivers. The monitor became bright again afterward.

But later it dimmed again. So I will fiddle around with the Mac downloaded drivers from boot camp. It is a minor issue given the overall success of installing and using Windows 8.

Create a Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive on a Mac | Twocanoes Software

I and maybe others started off with low expectations of its compatibility on the Mac. So far things are still going well with Windows 8 on the MacBook. My only issue now is it seems the updates are working fine or better. I did not see the error message; however, after some 9 security updates just a few minutes ago that were downloaded and applied, the reboot or restart took too long.

Actually restarting always seems to take too long.

How to install Windows 10 on a Mac using Boot Camp Assistant

It is better for me to shut the computer down and restart and not forgetting to press the Option key going to Mac side. I am not sure if the restarting hangs are due to that prior machine shutdown or freeze during an update. One other problem is that when the machine boots into Windows mode in that first screen to enter PIN or Password, the keyboard is not lit and it seems the Function key to activate the keyboard light brightness does not work immediately. Well thank you. I am not sure why I am posting here anymore because I do not see too many major issues porting this Windows 8 to the MacBook.

I may wait until this Preview expires…. Chrome browser sometimes hangs when I attempt to scroll down or it is not as responsive as I would like. I have to minimize the window or go somewhere else then come back to the browser and the bar has been scrolled down and I can control with the mouse again. I find it a bit difficult to get to the Search, Settings, Devices, etc.

It is a little frustrating as it seems to be random how I do eventually get to it. I think I mastered how to swipe finger down to the left to get to the Start menu and right click down to get to the All Apps.

I find the applications in the Start window Windows 8 mode to be a bit cluttered and they are categorized but I would prefer all the applications to be in alphabetical order as before with Windows 7. I just have to navigate the different categories and I have not memorized them yet. The screen keeps dimming, who knows. It is fine now as it is daylight but at night who knows? Now, I may want to do something else when I reinstall everything and start fresh. I want to put Ubuntu Linux on the Windows partition on the Macbook.

I think I can pull this off and if I do, I would have 3 operating systems on the Macbook. I know with Windows 7 there was that Windows boot loader and execute the Linux operating system within the Windows environment to install on a blank Windows or allocated partition. I am thinking to try the same thing here next time. I just have to juggle with the hard disk partition sizes again. I was able to connect the printing. I can scan using the USB connected and thought that would somehow keep the drivers on the machine.

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