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It had run Snow Leopard, then Mountain Lion, then Yosemite, and because some software threatened to become non-functional, I upgraded to Sierra. After owning Apple machines since System 7. Since my Sierra upgrade, the following issues have occurred: Keychain nightmares.

How To Fix Apple Mail When It Slows Your Mac

Even on Safari, asking me for my password every ten seconds, which it then says it has no place to store in the keychain. Safari is now off the dock. They should be totally embarrassed on that one. Now I have to type in my password to open files, because again keychain dropped the ball. No changes to login passwords have been made. Why do I need a keychain password for free downloaded software that requires an active subscription to run?

I've always have to enter the password to login to that program anyway when it connects to the server. I can no longer boot into other OS systems on my machine. High Sierra was worse. AppleMail now sucks.

Fix Mac Mail Problems With These Troubleshooting Guides

AppleMail has become useless. I just turned off AppleMail. None of that helps. I thought I might have solutions, but before trying, searched the net and found out others have tried them and failed, so I saved myself the misery. Someone told me it helps sync your keychains. Thunderbird is now my only working mail program. And that is experiencing sending delays of up to a minute or so that I never used to have. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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It's been worse since Yosemite. Loading existing conversations also often takes a long time. Conversations often get jumbled up and emails that don't belong will be added to a conversation.

I am having these issues on both my laptops. I've tried offlining and enabling the account. Also tried reindexing.

Does anyone know if these are just Yosemite bugs? Or is there somethinng I can do to fix it?

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Have you looked into the Console? Perhaps there are some error-entries which could explain the slow performance.

5 Simple Tricks to Make OS X Mail Better and Faster

Post anything related. Nov 28 '14 at The new view limits the number of emails you can see at a time without scrolling. With Preferences open, click on the Viewing tab. Now you should see a list of emails at the top of the window with a preview at the bottom. By default, Mail will only check for new messages every 5 minutes. Even though getting instant notification of email can hurt productivity , some people still need it.

What to Do When Mail App is Slow on Mac (3 Ways to Fix It)

While you probably get a lot of emails in a day, you most likely only get important emails from a select few people. Duplicate contacts killing your productivity? See how Scrubly can help in this second video. To set a sender as a VIP, open any email from that sender and click the star directly to the left of their name or email address it may not appear until your mouse is near the name or address.

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