Boot ubuntu from dvd mac


You should be able to identify the USB disk by its size. To avoid confusion, I would suggest that you should have just one USB drive plugged in. Where N is the device number for the USB you got previously. So, in my case, the above command becomes:.

The result should be: Unmount of all volumes on disk2 was successful. And finally we come to the final step of creating the bootable USB drive. We shall be using dd command which is a very powerful and must be used with caution. Use the following command in terminal:.

How to Make a Ubuntu Install CD on Mac OS X

Here, we are using dd copy and convert to copy and convert input file if IMG to diskN. I hope you remember where you put the converted IMG file, in step 3. For me the command was like this:. As we are running the above command with super user privileges sudo , it will require you to enter the password. It will take a few minutes for the process to complete. Once the dd command finishes its process, you may see a dialogue box saying: The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. Everything is just fine. Go back to the terminal.

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For me it was:. Now, in the terminal use the following command to eject our USB disk:. N is of course the device number we have used previously which is 2 in my case:. This is not optional. As of publication, that version is Ubuntu If you have trouble with formatting, try doing the same thing with Terminal. To do so:. Set the size and name.

How To Create A Bootable Ubuntu USB Drive For Mac In OS X

This will be erased by the Ubuntu installer. If you encounter trouble, you may need to either use Terminal to partition the drive instead or clear Time Machine snapshots. With all that accomplished, we are finally ready to install Ubuntu on our Mac! Unfortunately, high-quality screenshots were not available for these steps.

Some Caveats

Use all the available free space. Upon completion, your Mac will likely boot into Ubuntu automatically. If so, the GRUB bootloader has taken over: Follow the instructions in this guide to use efibootmgr from within Ubuntu to solve the problem. There might be a shortcut, though.

You likely need to install additional drivers and software specifically for your Mac model. The best advice is to search out appropriate drivers and software changes for your hardware in particular. Unfortunately I think I have bad news. It sounds very much like you erased the entire hard drive and formatted the whole thing for Ubuntu. If so, that means that all your Mac data is gone. I would stop using the computer immediately to avoid overwriting any recoverable files and use a different computer to research the best Linux-based tool for recovering files from a formatted hard drive. This is as complicated as everything above, and the link you provided assumes people are used to working with Terminal.

Could you please update this tutorial? I believe the instructions on this page will work for them, although you should pay attention to the caveats presented in the next section.

2. Create Your Ubuntu Installation Drive

The trouble is that Ubuntu doesn't support installing to a Mac in EFI mode, at least not as of version Some sources claim that this now works on some later versions, but I haven't tested this claim—indeed, I lack the hardware to do so! The bit Ubuntu installation discs lack EFI support. Ubuntu has also released bit disc images for Macs.

Ironically, these boot only in BIOS mode! Therefore, to rid your computer of the dangerous hybrid MBR, you'll need to jump through some hoops. An alternative to all of this is to run Ubuntu in a virtual environment, such as VirtualBox.

[HOW TO] Booting Linux on a USB [Mac]

This can be a good solution in some cases, but it doesn't give Linux direct access to the hardware and you'll lose some speed. These include:. Enthusiasts have been working to get Windows to boot in EFI mode on Macs, with some progress and considerable pain.

See this thread on MacRumors, for example.

The Problem

This goal appears to be more attainable with Windows 8 than with Windows 7, and success depends on your specific Mac model. It's possible that your preferred distribution already supports direct EFI installation, in which case the problem of installing to a Mac in EFI mode may not exist. Check your distribution's documentation to be sure.

I've tested this procedure only on my first-generation Intel-based Mac Mini.

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It's possible that the bit version has different requirements, or you may need to do things differently on newer bit Macs. For some reason, although I was able to install Ubuntu If you have this problem, you'll have to install rEFInd before you can install Ubuntu. With these items in hand, you can proceed with installing Ubuntu, and then fix it up so that it doesn't use a hybrid MBR. If you've already got a working dual-boot configuration with OS X and Ubuntu, you can skip this section and jump ahead to "Fixing the Installation.

system installation - How create Ubuntu DVD for Mac? ( / Xenial Xerus) - Ask Ubuntu

When the installation finishes, the computer will reboot—straight into Mac OS X! See the below note if it doesn't boot, though. You must now proceed with fixing it up in various ways If by chance your computer won't boot, try booting the Ubuntu installer but click Try Ubuntu to run it in its live CD mode.

With any luck, OS X will start up again, and you can proceed with step 8. If you've followed the directions, your computer should now be booted into OS X, looking very much like it did before. Ubuntu is installed, however, and your disk has a hybrid MBR. You must now take steps to return the hybrid MBR to a safer protective MBR, as the GPT standard requires, and to set up a boot loader that enables you to select which OS to boot when the computer powers up. To do so, follow these steps:.

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