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Apple Part Lists See parts for your specific device. Compatibility Verify products are compatible. Check Your Serial Number. Remove all devices.

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You've found a serial number we don't know yet! Model Name: Choose a model name Processor: Choose a processor Power ARM 1.

Mx6 SoloLite 1. Display: Choose a display Model Number: Choose a model number Sales Number: Choose a sales number Machine Number: Choose a machine number Please Note This feature is not for troubleshooting or customer support questions. Apple Model Families. Models Parts Repair Guides. Part Number. Email Address.

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Cancel Request Part. Stay signed in. Recent Blog Posts. All form fields are required. Parts Order Repair Order. Order Number. If it will found in the list of stolen, you will see an "Attention" field like this:. Certificate is a confirmation of the valid checking result by the SNDeepInfo service and will be useful for those who want to share those in the blog, forum or on the Internet. Such certificate is given one per phone and has a unique URL address, which excludes possibility of fraud.

The manufacturer assigns to each device a unique serial number, in which encoded all information about the product: model, production country , date of manufacture. The serial number is unique for each device from one manufacturer. Mobile phones, except the serial number have also IMEI number. IMEI — a common standard for all mobile devices, which is assigned to the phone at the time of manufacture it in the factory. It's the unique number, which is broadcasting to the carrier to authorize phone in the network.

Structure of the IMEI is the same for all phones regardless of manufacturer. IMEI number is also used to track and block lost or stolen phones by the carrier, which further prevents to use of such devices. However, blocking IMEI in one carrier network have no effect in others networks. As a rule, the serial number printed on the package and duplicated on the device, in most cases, the serial number is available through the software shell. IMEI number is looks like a digit numeric code.

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IMEI is duplicated under the battery of your phone, on the package and receipts. SNDeepInfo — is the easiest way to get all the information about the device before you buy it.

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  • You've found a serial number we don't know yet!.
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  • You've found a serial number we don't know yet!!
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Just enter the serial number or phone IMEI in the main field and get all information about the phone. Apple devices have more detailed information: the physical and technical characteristics color devices, memory, date of manufacture, the firmware version, manufacture date of the device, jailbreak and unlock tools. SNDeepInfo will protect you from buying fake devices. If, as the checking result you have an error, be careful, it may be a fake device.

SNDeepInfo protect you from buying stolen devices. Each user who is victim of theft or lost device is able to register it in the database of lost or stolen devices.

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SNDeepInfo helps to find lost and stolen. Add IMEI or serial number of the lost device to the database and increase the chances for finding it. If during the checking the serial number or IMEI, shows that, the device is marked as lost or stolen, you can return its to legal owner and get a reward if he was appointed.

mac pro specs by serial Mac pro specs by serial
mac pro specs by serial Mac pro specs by serial
mac pro specs by serial Mac pro specs by serial
mac pro specs by serial Mac pro specs by serial
mac pro specs by serial Mac pro specs by serial
mac pro specs by serial Mac pro specs by serial
mac pro specs by serial Mac pro specs by serial

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