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In version 15, it does a lot more. The Organizer now has more intelligent capabilities, like its new Smart Tags feature. From the search interface you can see exactly what tags the app has placed on your images. Google Photos, Flickr, and Apple Photos already use artificial intelligence to automatically determine content for tagging photos.

Novice-friendly all-in-one photo cataloguing and editing software

Adobe says that deep learning algorithms were used to develop the Smart Tags feature, but that there is no on-going AI technology running in the Organizer. You can choose from the icon or just type in search criteria in the box at the top of the window. You can use the And or Or command to narrow down your search from thousands of images, video, audio, and projects to find the item you want. Note that each smart tag search builds on the previous one, so make sure the text box at the top reflects only your current search.

Just group together your chosen shots, and the new interface offers a set of adjustable sliders to fix them all simultaneously for clarity, color, light, brand new special effects, and more. This new version debuts five new guided edits to perform complex tasks via step-by-step instructions. In this version, however some were better than others. While it can be a fairly straightforward task to accomplish that beloved classical postcard effect of filling in lettering with a landscape or other images, you need the proper tools and know-how.

The feature lets you choose from the fonts within your system and even lets you add an embossed look and drop shadows for a pro finish.

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Put a photo inside your text for that old-time postcard look, or maybe a Springsteen album cover. Just choose the Type tool and start typing. You can select and cycle through all the selections to help you decide. After you choose your font, you can enlarge, fit, and apply some simple effects. In that case, I cancelled and started over to achieve the advertised results. Creating art from photos is swiftly becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

There are only five brush styles, but you can change their size and background color to alter the look. The module is aided by a minimal number of textures and effects. Original photo art: Mask your photo, use textured brushes to reveal parts, layer texture in the background, and top off with a filter.

Organizing and Searching

I found this effect a little half-baked. The new Effects Collage guided edit allows you to construct an artistic presentation by carving up a single photo into several sectors, automatically adding a different special effect to each one. It would be nice if you could adjust the borders yourself, though there were quite a number of selections to choose from in each preset. It would be great choose which effects go where rather than just having to use the built-in template.

I also noted that this feature caused the fans on my Mac to whir, and that the application of the effects was not instantaneous. Or maybe the scene should have had more action than it really did? The new Speed Pan guided edit adds a motion blur behind your subject to create a feeling of movement. Just select the subject and let the software do the rest. Photoshop Elements always shipped with many assets, including picture frames for scrapbookers and blog posters. The idea is to give users headroom to expand the capabilities of the software without having to use the built-in artwork.

I found this to be one of the least intuitive guided edits. Despite the instructions accompanying each frame tool, the outcome was hard to visualize and involved too much experimentation for a reasonably quick result. It would have been easier had Adobe included some shapes in this module with ways to tweak the edges instead of depending on user sleight of hand. Making faces look friendlier has come into vogue for everything from social media portraits to group shots and selfies. You may want to correct a squint that goes with that frown, or otherwise make slight cosmetic changes to lips, nose, and even the shape of the face.

Also it would be helpful if each eye could be adjusted separately, as squints and faces are not necessarily symmetrical. These tools let you smooth, soften, expand or contract the edges of the selection. You can also modify the strength of the effect with the Opacity controls. Examples are shown below. The Orton Effect is another addition that lets you modify images to achieve a pre-determined result; in this case a selective softening of parts of an image.

Reviews and Ratings for New Adobe Photoshop Elements 10

The end result is impressionistic, which makes this effect popular for portraits. Begin by selecting a suitable image and opening it in the editor.

Photoshop Elements 2019 - Full Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]

Picture collage effects are another new addition, this time in the Photo Play section of the Guided editing menu. The effect aims to create the appearance of a collage from a single photo. It works well on most shots showing groups of people and can add interest to the standard front-on shots. In the right hand panel, select the number of pictures to divide the frame into, matching it as closely as possible to the number of people or elements in the shot. The image will be automatically split into the selected number of frames.

Owners of small-sensor digicams can blur backgrounds in shots with the new Depth of Field effect, which is located in the Lens Effects section of the Guided editing menu. This effect lets you blur backgrounds while keeping the important areas in a scene sharp and you can control the degree of blurring with a simple slider. Start by selecting the image to work on then choose Lens Effects and Depth of Field. In the Simple mode, clicking on Add Blur causes the entire image to go out-of-focus.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 for Mac & Windows B&H

Then click on the Gradient Tool and drag it from the centre of the area you wish to keep sharp outwards towards the edge of the frame. Adjusting depth-of-field in the Simple mode. When you release the mouse, the selected area will come into focus. You can adjust the degree of blurring with the slider near the lower edge of the effect panel.

Selecting the Custom mode gives you more control over the area that remains sharp. In this mode you use the Quick Selection Tool to define the sharp area. As with the Smart Brush, you can adjust your brush or add or subtract your selection using the tools at the top of the screen. Having made the selection, click on the Add Blur button and use the slider to adjust the background blurring. New Create Functions The test tool has been improved in Version 10 with the addition of new text path options that enable users to plot a path for text to follow.

They are selected via a drop-down menu that shows examples of the cover and page layouts. The drop-down menu for photo books, showing the new Designer Modern template. You simply load the photos you plan to use into the Project Bin and drag and drop them into place.

Update Location

Each frame in the template can be re-sized and moved by grabbing the handles on the frame. Right-clicking lets you select more options.

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  6. Changes are applied by clicking on the green tick. You can switch to Advanced Mode button above your Project Bin to access a full toolbox. In this mode you can also change the size and orientation of images to make them fit the template frames. Where the template includes text, you can enter your own text by selecting a suitable colour from the dropdown Text menu in the Create palette, as shown in the screen grab below. Adding text to a double-page layout using the Text on a Selection tool. When we tried to save a photo book we had created in JPEG format as a PDF slideshow a warning message appeared stating it would take a long time to save 86 files at MB.

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    Adobe photoshop elements 10 editor mac review

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