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An amazing place to work for with top training and ongoing support for rapid changes in the workplace.

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Great Co-workers and a fun place - even if it can drain you. An amazing atmosphere and people to work with! Having no sales targets or mandatory things to say and do makes Apple a great place to work. Being able to just chat and engage with customers and co-workers makes for a great day.

However, it is a demanding job. As a uni student, it has been a struggle to balance life and work with 4 days a week expected from staff. It is a high pace and pressure environment that is driven by the customers. Fun and motivating. I love the atmosphere in this company, especially with the support from the coworkers and the management.

They were very supportive in our professional development.

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The management team are very engaging to the staff, available and listened to our needs. As a company, Apple shows that they have the best quality of service and excel in it. With Apple more than 12 years. Moved myself for opportunities and spent a lot of money on promises and and assurance.

Apple Store Southampton – Alternative Appointments

Ultimately left wondering if I would have had a better foundation career elsewhere. If you get a promise, get it in writing. Soon as that happens, you may find yourself resigning because you left your current role that was now filled while you waited, on your own Annual Leave, having to find a new home, buy all everything you need and not one apology or option for a role. Being treated like that after 12 years Fun place to work however it does have its downsides. Management is also mostly great and supportive. However at the end the day, it is retail and there are expectations when it comes to meeting targets.

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  4. Also there are no pathways to growing in the company outside of the retail business. Job summary. Great training and most important great culture. Only issues were the live call training.

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    Some trainers during the live call training did not really help but stifle you a bit. Resources were available but these people were also really busy taking calls. Shifts were sometimes very late. The good things were you always learn resolving new issues phonek iPad or Mac. The majority of people were nice.

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    The rude customers were mainly those in a hurry or impatient ones. Poor around. Poor Management skills they are very passive aggressive, no work life balance, very isolated, stupid KPI's, HR is slow to respond to any issues you may have, customer you still with are unreasonable. Great people working their butts off. Expectations were that everyone would work above and beyond at every moment including doing overtime with no hope of pay. Customers made or brake the working day depending on what they have been promised.

    If you want to work your butt off and focus on moving upwards in the company, then Apple retail is for you. Might be the job for you If you can balance the responsibility of working from home and organizing it around your life. It's the job for you. They enjoy people who are very disciplined and motivated!

    Overall it was enjoyable just customer service was not for me. If you're keen to get hands-on support with your hardware issues via the Genius Bar you will need to scroll down and click on Get Hardware Help. The next page breaks down the different product types to help Apple route your problem through the correct channel.

    Once you've selected the type of device and the problem you've identified with it, you may be given a few quick tips on how to resolve it such as a full factory reset of the device. You'll be presented with various options, such as Send in for Repair, in which case Apple will send you a box and you just need to send it back. This might be okay if you can live without it for a few days, but let's face it: most people can't do without their Apple equipment, and that's why the idea of taking it into the store to be fixed there and then by a Genius is so attractive.

    We would recommend speaking to Apple by phone or chat if possible as this might save you a lot of time, but if you feel that addressing the problem in person would be better for you, it's possible to organise an Apple Store appointment. Just click on the Visit the Genius Bar option. Once you're logged in, enter your location and Apple will show you a map with pins where Apple Stores are located.

    You can then pick the one closest to you, or the one with the most or soonest appointments available. Click on the time you wish to book and your appointment will be confirmed automatically.

    My Second Apple Store Opening Experience

    You'll then be able to confirm your booking or reschedule and cancel it through the following screen. Before popping into a store, make sure you read the tips in the 'Before you come in' section; backing up your device is always recommended. It will also be useful for you to bring Photo ID with you, which matches your reservation name.

    Once you're set, all you'll need to do is turn up at your appointment time and tell a Genius that you've arrived! Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Sure, you could just grab your busted device and head down to the Apple store. Depending on how busy they are, that can take a while—sometimes hours. And you can do it right from your iPhone or iPad, or in any web browser.

    Note: You can only make an in-person appointment for hardware support. For help setting up products and services, select the option to call or chat with Apple Support, or walk in to your local Apple Store. Or type your issue into the search bar. Your recommended support option will be shown at the top of the screen.

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