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The first option makes it harder for developers to justify the resources necessary to offer updates in the first place. The second option increases complexity, pisses of overly-entitled customers who don't think other people should get the same discount they're getting, reduces potential income from new users, and leaves the developer with an orphaned app to take care of.

The third option has the same complexity and orphaned app issues as the second, maximizes potential revenue, but pisses off almost all existing users. For a long time now, the community has wondered what Apple would do.

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And wondered. Apple, it turned out, was in no hurry to offer updates.

Logic Pro X Running on Old MacBook, Does it Work!?

But now, finally, Logic Pro X. And it turns out, for Logic Pro X, the third option is exactly the one Apple went with. One instance does not a pattern make, of course, but we'll likely never get a ton of data points on this simply because Apple doesn't make a ton of paid apps, especially not pro apps. So, for those of us, developers, designers, journalists, and customers alike who've been wondering what would happen when this day came, wondering just what Apple would do when one of their paid apps came up for update, well, we may effectively have our answer.

I did the same when Tweetie 2 launched as a new app, and versions of Twitterrific, and Instacast, and many other apps. I have no problem supporting great developers and designers, including those that work for Apple, and especially for software that used to cost many times what it does now. However, there's historically been a large amount of backlash when developers charged for new apps. Logic Pro X is such a big update, at such a reasonable price for a pro app , Apple has so much money, and pro apps are such a small part of their business, that they may well be effectively immune to any negative sentiment this causes.

That's certainly not the case for independent developers who have to feed their families, and who have historically counted on the traditional upgrade model and revenue stream to do it, and are much more sensitive to customer sentiment over it.

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This might well be the new normal, and everyone might well have to figure it out going forward. And that could well require a computing generation to happen.


I'm curious to hear your thoughts, though. Which is great. But some people are getting a free year even without buying anything.

It is also able to be used to produce extremely high quality recordings, and multi-track sessions are possible. External hardware synthesisers are more easily integrated into Logic Pro X with some of the latest updates by software engineers, and this has made the production process of music with this DAW more professional.

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For the beginner DJ and music composer, Logic Pro X offers a perfect platform and is a good entry level product with which to begin learning how to create electronic music, and produce multi-track recordings. Your email address will not be published.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Logic Pro X is More Affordable than Other DAWs When someone is desiring to be able to start to write electronic music, and also to publish quality music, obtaining a platform that is going to be enable you to do that is important. Logic Pro X is a Faster Way to Compose Avid Pro Tools, whilst being an industry standard software package, has different editing capabilities than Logic Pro X, however due to the differences in the workflows and editing capabilities , Logic Pro X is a platform that enables composers to publish their creations in a faster timeframe than other DAWs.

Logic Pro X Advantages Loop libraries are included in Logic Pro X, and are updated on a regular basis, meaning that DJs and electronic music composers are able to source a wide variety of material to include in their music creations.

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