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You can preview every photo on the lower part of the photo list panel on the left. Drag and drop any photo to add it to thedocument. Click button to show the Clipart list. You can also search on the Internet inside the app. Scroll down to preview all clipart in the Clipart list. Click Shape toolbar button on the top of page, and select a preconfigured shape to your document.

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Grab and drag the slider to adjust object Opacity or use the stepper control on the right of the slider. Input Width and Height , etc. Select a photo, and apply any photo mask or frame by clicking Mask and Frame button under Image panel. Click Clear to eliminate mask or frame. Apply any photo effect under Mask and Frame by clicking on an effect. Click Original to remove photo effect.

Adjust the image by simply grabbing the slider of Saturation, Hue, Exposure, Contrast and Brightness. Click Reset Adjustment to remove all the adjustments. Double click the text to edit it. Click Styles under style tab to choose a preset style you like to directly apply to your selected text. You can also customize text styles for easy and repeated use in later. Select a text font as you like by clicking the Font combo box. Set style, size and color as you wish. Click the shortcuts to quickly settext formatsuch as Bold , Italic , Underline , etc.

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Set Margin for the text by grabbing the Width slider or directly input the width properties you want. Add Columns for you text under layout tab on the Text Panel. You can easily change the number of columns, gutters and column spacing. Click on the floating toolbar, and then the mask controls appear:.

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Move the photo that you want to crop within its frame. The rest part of the photo will be hidden. Click and to adjust layers — bring photo to front and send it to back. Click Print toolbar button to print the document directly. Make print settings such as Printer , Copies and Pages , etc. For Mac OS X earlier than All Rights Reserved. Online Logo Design.

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Click Page Size combo box to choose the document size you need. Set orientation of the page by clicking the Landscape or Portrait tab as you wish. Input margin properties to adjust document margins under Page Margins inspector. Click button to delete the selected page.

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  • To add a clip art image to a document, you can use the Clip Gallery or the Clip Art tab on the Toolbox. The Clip Gallery helps you search for clip art and access additional clip art available on Office Online, a clip gallery that Microsoft maintains on its Web site. The Clip Art tab on the Toolbox provides easy access to a subset of the clip art available in the Clip Gallery.

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    You can limit search results to specific keywords with the Search box, a clip art category, or a type of media file. If you have your own images, you can import them into the Clip Gallery, and then modify their properties for search purposes. After you find the clip art you want, you can insert it.

    Do either of the following to start the Clip Gallery:. To narrow your search, do one of the following:. Type the keyword s associated with the clip you are looking for, and then click Search. Click Insert to insert the selected clip art and close the Clip Gallery. Click to view larger image. Clip art objects pictures and animated pictures are images made up of geometric shapes, such as lines, curves, circles, squares, and so on.

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    These images, known as vector images, are mathematically defined, which makes them easy to resize and manipulate. A picture in the Microsoft Windows Metafile. Clip Gallery also includes sounds or motion clips, which you can insert into a document. A motion clip is an animated picture—also known as an animated GIF—frequently used in Web pages. When you insert a sound, a small icon appears representing the sound file. Do any of the following:. Click Close. Drag the clip art image to the location where you want it.

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