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What You Need to Use Target Disk Mode

The disadvantage is that you may need to use the Option key startup shortcut to reboot using your normal startup drive. To make changes, you may need to click the lock icon in the bottom left corner, then supply your administrator password and click the Unlock button. A sheet will drop down asking if you really want to restart your Mac in Target Disk Mode. Click the Restart button. The usual course of action to salvage the internal drive is to install the drive in an external enclosure , take it to another Mac, and try any data recovery or repair utilities you may have.

How to Boot a Mac in Target Disk Mode

Target Disk Mode allows you to perform the same process, while skipping the disassembly of the Mac and the installation of the drive in an external enclosure. Migration Assistant: Another thing you can do with Target Disk Mode is use Migration Assistant to copy settings and user data from the drive to your new Mac. Migration Assistant will consider the Target Disk Mode drive to be just another startup drive that has a valid system installed on it. This can be helpful if your Mac has a problem with its own internal drive, and you need to be able to boot the Mac in order to reinstall the OS or perform repairs.

The process for booting from a Target Disk Mac is mostly the same as described above; connect the two Macs together and boot one Mac in Target Disk Mode.

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The difference is that instead of just starting up the second Mac, you hold down the Option key while starting up. Select the disk that corresponds to the target disk. Booting will then continue, using the operating system installed on the target Mac. There are a number of adapters available for USB-C devices. However, examiners should be aware that the new MacBook does not support Thunderbolt. If it is required to put the MacBook into Target Disk Mode, it is recommended to use one of the following:.

Can I use target disk mode using an USB to Firewire cable? - Ask Different

Of course this is assuming that the computer that the MacBook is attached to is connected to power. Want to keep up to date with all our latest news and information? Generally nothing should go wrong, but it is always wise to have a recent backup of your hard drive before making any changes to drive partitions.

The first part of this walkthrough will be familiar to anyone who has read our Lion installation guides by using a bootable USB drive or making a bootable installer DVD , you need to find and locate the InstallESD. Finally, for those wondering about licensing, Apple has said that one purchase of Lion can be installed on all of your personal Macs , so as long as you are using this method to install Lion on just another Mac that you own, you are ok.

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Enter your email address below:. I must be missing something here, because the easiest way to install on another computer would be to launch it in target disk mode, then run the install app from your other dekstop. There is an option to choose which disk to install it to, so why is this needed?

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  5. If the macs are identical, there should be no problems. It might work even with different macs but its not granted.

    With the steps described in this article, the real installation is done by the same mac that will use the system, thus the problem disappears. It still stands that the easiest is to use a flash drive. Second to that is partitioning the existing hard drive and utilizing that partition to install Lion. Worked perfectly and did not destroy my existing file structure.

    USB-A to USB-C connections via USB Target Mode not usable by Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant

    Anyway, FW and TB are so fast that this is probably the quickest way to do a group install for those with a multiMac household. Correct, but all of the Macs you intend to use with this method must have either FireWire or Thunderbolt. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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